Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am Engaged!

Well, it has officially happened! I got engaged on September 12th to Daniel Dutson. We had been dating for a little over four months and we are getting married on December 20th in the Logan Temple. The reception is later that evening in Hyde Park. All of the details of the proposal and wedding can be found on our blog that my sister is helping me out with. Just so you know it is under construction.

If any one has advice or knows places that we can get things here in Logan, I would greatly appreciate it! It is the best time ever!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Please Comment!!

So I have tried to be good and keep up to date with my blog. I just want to know if there are people that really look at my blog. If you wouldn't mind posting comments or suggestions of things I can add to my blog I would truly love it! Thank you!!!!

Logan Fair!!

I have enjoyed going to the Salt Lake fairs. I heard from work that there was a fair in Logan, so I got some Old Farm friends and we went to the fair!! I was able to see all of the cute farm animals, exhibits, and get a scone. My roommate, Heidi, and I were a little bummed that they did not have elephant ears though. This is what I loved getting when I lived in Indiana. Oh well. It was a lot of fun, but it was too hot so we did not get to stay as long as I would have liked to. 

Molly and Dan

So my boyfriend, Dan, was gone for three months during the summer in Oregon for an internship. On August 10th, he came home!!! I was over at his house having dinner with his family and then he came walking in through the garage. I had to look twice to realize it was really him and that he was home!! I smiled and said "I knew you would be home today" while I got my big bear hug!! It was the best night ever! I was able to guess everything right about when he would be home. I guess I took a little fun out of the surprise for him! It was so exciting to finally have him home. We have now been dating for over 4 months and I love to spend any free time I can with him!!

Aunt Molly!

This summer has been the best one ever with my nephew, Hunter, living very close in Logan. We did a lot of fun activities together and I loved to babysit him!! Katie and I decided to take Hunter out on a picnic to Ryan's Place which is in River Heights. We had a great lunch and then tried to see how Hunter would like swinging. He cried a little, but in the end he sure loved it!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am the FHE Coordinator for my Student Ward, so I wanted to do something very fun! My ward went up into Logan Canyon to hike up to the Windcaves!! Just so all of you know, I am not a very big hiker or outdoor person. We made it up and had our lesson. On the way back, my friend Natalie came very close to a rattlesnake. Luckily no one was hurt. I would highly recommend everyone that has the chance to come up into Logan Canyon!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Logan Fun!

I was sitting in my apartment one Saturday night really bored, so my friend Natalie and I went with our other friend Joseph to a park in River Heights! It is called Ryan's Park and is in remembrance of Ryan who drowned two years ago. There were many fun slides and places where you can pose for pictures! I think that I should now either a pilot or a knight!